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A unique place, dedicated to the preservation of the axolotl

We are a project focused on the conservation of the axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum. We started in 2017 with the aim of preserving and disseminating about the importance and rescue of this incredible endemic species of the Valley of Mexico Basin.

We work on the fundamental pillars in which efforts must be directed to preserve Ambystoma mexicanum, involving civil society, academia and residents of the CDMX lake area

Civil society involved

The challenge is immense and only with teamwork will we be able to carry out the objective of preserving the species. We can all help from our trenches.

Environmental education for all

Knowing the general problem helps more members of civil society get involved in reducing environmental impact.

Partnerships to achieve the objectives

We collaborate with individuals, schools and businesses that work for the common good to achieve progress on a larger scale.

“I love limitations because they are the cause of inspiration”
Susan Sontag


Are you interested in the conservation of Ambystomas?

In this objective we all participate, children, youth and adults, no matter what you do, your age or the area where you are. Participate with small actions from your home, recycling garbage, making fair and responsible purchases and taking care of our natural resources, in this way you help us and many more species.