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To achieve our goal of conservation and protection of the axolotl, we have used various allies who have been interested in joining their efforts, talent and work in favor of this wonderful species, thus achieving work towards a common goal : safeguard the ecosystem to be able to reinsert the axolotl in wildlife and disseminate information about it to raise awareness in society in order to make it possible.

One of our communication strategies is to invite anyone regardless of age, passion or profession, to get involved from their trench in this great objective, this is how these allies have committed to the project, in response to a problem that impacts us all as a society. These collaborations represent the efforts of young people, social entrepreneurs, artisans, men and women who are united for the same cause.

After long years of work we have managed to consolidate and focus these efforts by building a tangible solution that has been worked on little by little, but continuously through our activities: shelter and care of specimens, environmental education, medical network, biocultural tours, educational and creative collaborations, and recently the creation of the first Museo Nacional del Ajolote.

Without the allies of Axolotitlán Museo del Ajolote, many of the activities we carry out would not be possible, because thanks to their commitment to the project and social welfare they support us in different ways to achieve it: from the dissemination of our activities and events, being part of the cultural activities we offer, donating your talent and time, allocating a percentage of the sale of your products, among many other ways.

That is why today in a special way we want to thank you and acknowledge the continuous support and work of our main allies: Ajolote Negro, Ixachi, Cine Itinerante Rodante, M / Quinientos (and all their collaborators), Ectagono, Endemikos , ing3nia, Hannah the Little Mermaid, Rare Bugs, Mr. Papá Chango, Mundo Bosque, Alejandro Mejía, KLIK, Souvenir Magazine, RUBS Vivo, Rockelin Artcs, Doña Vero, Water Monster, Atraxia, Giving Giving, Jafet Meza, Oswaldo Amaya, Phineas Conrad, Luxola, Don Richard and La Llorona.

To the media and our ambassadors in social networks: Susana González, Edna Monroy, Christopher Ukerman, Paty Bacelis, Ana Julia Yeyé, Mónica Escobedo, Asaph Medina, Alejandra Ley, Jey Adherit, El Such Cha! and many more; and each of the people who have bought our products, they have accompanied us to our biocultural tours or events such as La Noche del Axólotl in addition to making a special mention to outstanding fans such as : Alejandra Aguilar, Paco López, Lesley Rodríguez, the little ones Sofi and Tamara, Mónica and Nelva Toledo and all the volunteers who have supported us.

Today we are a great family that loves and expands over time, we remind you that by acquiring your products and / or services you directly support our project and the great goal of conservation of the axolotl.

Remember that this is „the museum that people are making for people”, that we are an independent, nonpartisan project that has been generated and grown thanks to citizen participation.

Infinite thanks to all of you, let’s continue working hand in hand to go further and further.

Would you like to be part of the allies?

Send an email to contacto@axolotitlan.mx with your proposal and receive more information on how to join.

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